The tiny goodness from nature- how and why you should consume them

Death and despair

People are dying every second as I write this. The third wave a triple mutation of coronavirus is here in India. What started in Wuhan China 2020 has now claimed millions of lives till today and is taking a nastier turn.
The Indian people and politicians have downplayed the dangers…

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the ideal of them all?

Building Self reliance


Tell me honestly, didn't you freak out a little when suddenly no maids were available and you had to do everything on your own. Well we Indians were pampered by mummy's, mausis and didis for anything and everything. Even though we will all agree this pandemic mellowed down our normal…

WorthofWords - Ananya Chakraborty

The thoughts and words that motivate and inspire are meant to be shared. Writing is a passion that is a means of expression for me. Welcome to my blog :)

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